21 Resources with Hundreds of Book Design Templates.

eBook templates, downloadable in various formats.

Perfect for emerging and established authors, writers, and eBook creators. Think of the 21 resources below as the Bloom Factor that will make your project successful. It’s exactly as Ray Bradbury suggested!

You fail only if you stop writing.
~ Ray Bradbury

If you drop a book into the toilet, you can fish it out, dry it off and read that book. But if you drop your Kindle in the toilet, you’re pretty well done.

Stephen King

The eBook resources below are in various file formats, including: Microsoft Word (DOC / DOCX), Powerpoint (PPT), LibreOffice & OpenOffice (ODT / OTT), Canva, InDesign (INDD / IDML) and other formats. In addition to that, some of the original contributors are even generous enough to provide these templates in different popular page sizes and some even have cover templates.

We want to be helpful to everyone that identifies with the creative class. The resources on this page will be helpful to authors, publishers and digital marketers that need to create eBook’s of all types.

N.B. Some of the links below come with direct download links, some require you to provide your email address or even register before accessing the free downloads.

  1. Create your own ebook (EPUB & MOBI)
  2. 2 Ebook Templates (DOCX)
  3. 3 Free Word Book Design Templates (DOC)
  4. 16 Ebook Templates (ODT) (No Longer Available)
  5. Preformatted Word Document (DOCX)
  6. 5 Free Ebook Templates (PPT & InDesign)
  7. 13 Free Customizable Ebook Templates (PPT)
  8. Easy-to-Use eBook Template (OTT (Writer ? OpenOffice & LibreOffice))
  9. 13 Templates in Various Page Sizes (DOC, INX, QXD, QXP)
  10. Powerpoint Ebook Template (PPT)
  11. Book Templates & Book Cover Templates (DOT (Word) & InDesign)
  12. Ebook Disclaimer Template (DOC)
  13. Free Ebook Template (OTT (Writer ? OpenOffice & LibreOffice))
  14. Dozens of Book & Magazine Templates (BookWright & Bookify)
  15. 2 InDesign Magazine Templates (InDesign)
  16. 4 Ebook Templates (Uses Lucidpress software)
  17. Free InDesign Ebook Template (InDesign)
  18. Aristo: InDesign Book Template (InDesign)
  19. 5 Book Formatting Templates ? with a variety of styles (InDesign, DOC, DOCX)
  20. Ebook Template for Pages & InDesign (InDesign & Pages (Mac))
  21. Free InDesign Templates (InDesign)

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