Bloom Factor Studio Launches New Coaching & Collaboration Programs

Bloom Factor Studio Launches New Coaching & Collaboration Programs

After many years the final pieces have been coming together to create the coaching & collaboration programs I was talking about 7 years ago.

Back then I was talking about getting good at plying your trade and adding an ability to take payments online. Then we added a scheduling and booking application and tied the incoming information to a CRM. That’s a clever database with email automation, some tagging capabilities and then… We started creating landing pages to narrowly focus on specific offers and funnels that created a channel towards those pages.


We have launched Bloom Factor Studio (

It really is a studio, it’s where I coach, teach and mentor you or your team to create products, discover the right tools for the job, sharpen the ones you have and design and build landing pages, funnels and courses, all designed to help you amplify your platform and extend your brand into the niche you are focused on. Oh, yes we will have a course on discovering your niche.

We are also working on a course to design and print your own card deck. This will be suited for therapists, teachers of all stripes and and solo practitioners who want a smart tool and device to communicate their services and offerings.

Todays Available Courses

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