Brand Strategy and Why it Matters

We’re working on refreshing the Bloom Factor brand, we recommend doing it every 7 years. Why? Technology, processes, platforms, strategy, and tactics change, so your brand needs to reflect this. Leave us a comment. What do you think of the new brand identity and the transformation its gone through?

The Importance of Brand Strategy

One reason that a brand strategy is important is that it helps distinguish your product or service from your competition and makes you more recognizable to customers. Your brand and style becomes a mnemonic device that helps cement your brand into the subconscious of your users. It should provide a clear purpose for why you are engaging customers and how you are doing so. Having a cohesive brand strategy helps you communicate with your customers more clearly.

Every brand needs three core components:

  • Mission: a functional description of your business
  • Positioning Statement: a unique space in your niche
  • Voice: style of written communication reflective of the brands personality, methods and values.

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