Coaching & Mentoring Explained.

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I?m glad your existing developer came through for you, $700 is a very reasonable price to have paid for your website, copywriting or strategy. So, here?s my thinking, but, firstly let me explain. I’m (Michael Glock & Bloom Factor Inc.) not just a builder of websites, I’m into?Coaching & Mentoring.

Way Ahead: Medicine Stories Paperback ? February 27, 2018 by Michael Glock Ph.D. (Author)What interests me is understanding where a client wants to go. I wrote a book to help people and small business invent and plan for the future?
Having said that I have a background in depth psychology. This is Freud and Jung?s work with the individual and collective unconscious, including shadow projections and how archetypes rule and run a show. This makes me listen to what is happening at the margins, at the places where events happen, thresholds of change, places where shifts occur.

I am an entrepreneur and I?m interested in helping clients make money on the internet. Now, this takes some doing, it?s part mindset and a stack of tools and processes, trial and error. To be successful you need a fast site, with good SEO, you need to blog and build a social network, you need to engage your market with relevant content marketing, have multiple landing pages that are funnels, like roads that users can drive down and take a pit stop with your story, brand, product or offer. The website needs to convert, your site (we love WordPress) needs to be a marketing machine. You need a good and easy to use CRM, you need to sell products, or services, or consulting hours, you need to track these sales and offer up-sells. You need to create programs and make them available online for a fee and you need to make and run this engine.

Coaching & Mentoring Explained

Ok, you get the drift, these are the bones of what my consultancy and mentoring practice. It means I want to build systems that work for you and teach you how to use then for your long term financial success. For example: I built Ms Cook?s practice from scratch. She practiced her first hypnosis session on me and years later she?s making a very healthy 6 figure income. Everything is automated, from clients being able to book themselves and pay online to having a bookkeeper in the Philippines. She has clients call in from Israel to Dubai and Detroit.

Her sites include? Pages:? Deals on Groupon?

Ms Cook now has books on Amazon such as The Soul?s Coach (Elana Golden edited this one)? children?s book?s, with delightful characters like Supa Bunnee ?

Now, this all took years to build and cleverly links together in such a way that her Clinical Hypnotherapy practice stays busy with adult and children clients. Clients physically come into the office in Los Angeles and she works online via zoom and the telephone with clients all over the world.?I am trying to suggest that this sort of strategy and tactical implementation works, but it needs to be your version. If you are reading this blog I offer you a 25% discount, see the details below.


Here are the costs associated with coaching & mentoring.?

I offer a 25% discount by using coupon code?bloom25?at checkout.

Please consider the 6 or 9 month plan, we would turn your site into a marketing machine, build a system for content marketing, establish your social media marketing, build a landing page and create a funnel with an irresistible offer.

Book Design & Publishing

Creating and designing a book is a specialized process, details and pricing may be found here? clients receive a considerable discount. Why? Because a book is a cornerstone to a comprehensive money making plan.
I know it?s a lot to digest. Please feel free to ask any questions. Open a support ticket here >>> or

Schedule a free consultation here >>>

Michael Glock Ph.D.

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