What is Telemedicine?

How does it work?

Telemedicine is the use of telecommunications technology to provide real-time health care to patients at a distance.

How is telemedicine delivered?

Telemedicine can be delivered using video-conferencing, audio communication, and/or text-messaging using mobile phones, tablets, and desktop computers.Who participates in telemedicine?

Healthcare professionals can use telemedicine to see patients or to consult with other care providers.What can telemedicine be used for?

Telemedicine has many applications in healthcare, including standard clinical care, counseling or therapy, patient education, professional consultant or supervision, and more.

This is an integrated solution that is and has:

  • HIPPA compliant/BAA
  • Unlimited Minutes
  • Unlimited Sessions
  • Personalized room URL
  • iOS and Android
  • LD video
  • Waiting room
  • Patient queue
  • Text chat
  • Meeting history
  • Browser Notifications

Who is this for?

You are a therapist, coach, mentor, counselor, MFT or life coach. You may or may not be running WordPress and you want something that is unbelievable simple. We offer this resource to you for free, just reach out and we’ll send you the link to this fantastic product we have curated for you instantly.