From Stage to Screen to Entrepreneur: How One Actor Turned an Opportunity Into a Business

What does the Australian film industry, Christopher Nolan, and Thrive Themes have in common?

The focus of today?s story, Bradley Stevens aka Brad!

We all have a dream. And sometimes that dream leads us to a different dream which is exactly what led Brad from the stage to film to entrepreneur.

So follow along as I tell the tale of Brad as he moved from creating characters to creating a business to learn how you, too, can go from total newbie to an entrepreneurial star.

When Your Niche Finds You

Some people search high and low for their niche. But for the lucky few, their niche finds them. Brad is one of those lucky few.

As a budding entrepreneur, you?re advised to discover a gap in the market and then find a way to best fill it. But some people, just by virtue of working in their field of choice, continually come upon the same challenge over and over again.

This is what happened with Brad.



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