How to Effectively Pitch your Product or Service

7 P’s For a PROFITABLE Communication

For therapists and coaches we recommend offering a free or complimentary call. Write a script for yourself and follow it with every call you have. Think of this as a three act arc, you need to build awareness, create consideration and finally allow them to make a positive decision in your favor.

Having an effective enrolling call happens at the end of the Awareness Consideration cycle. You are supporting your potential buyer into making a decoys.

The sequence

1. Position Yourself:

Tell people who you are, tell them about the credentials and experience you have gained over the years. Create a story that builds credibility, remember you are the recognized expert and authority on this!

2. Position Your Topic:

Create understanding and empathy by letting your listeners know you understand their pain.?What is the pain your ideal clients are experiencing right now? It’s always good to ask questions! ?Understanding this pain is exactly what your product or service will alleviate.?What is possible from doing your work, or buying your coaching service? Grab ?em! Tell them you are giving them a fast track to transformation. You are not selling the drill, you are selling the transformation the drill produces. The hole!

3. Position Your Product or Service:

Show them they are in the right place. ?This is for you if?? “If you are struggling with this?” “If you ever wanted to have?”

4. Position Your Talk:

Give them a brief overview of what you?re going to cover in this call and pitch. Enroll them. ?Today we?re going to cover??

5. Position Your Offer:

Create a road map from start to finish, we use the Awareness, Consideration to Decision arc. Set yourself up to unabashedly promote. ?I?m going to give you all I can, in the time we have together AND I promise to show you how to take it further!?

6. Position Your Proof:

Show social proof, share some testimonials or case studies, or success stories. These should be sprinkled throughout your call to illustrate the benefits of your product alleviating the pain. Make a list of your testimonials, success stories and case studies so you can refer to them in a glance.

7. Position your Call to Action:

Sell them on your course, offer, product or service. Lead them to a pre-filled out checkout page, free mini course or drip campaign.

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