How to use Pinterest and Get Traffic to your Blog

Deconstructing the Process

Let’s say you are a creative entrepreneurial mom interested in raising a child in a gender neutral environment. Our task is to generate traffic to a blog page on the website that cleverly shows anyone to create the “look.” This is a simple and easy guide that makes for good SEO and organic on page link building. Importantly it’s got a lot of really nice eye candy. Even the color samples above are lovely to look at, right??Great storytelling today calls for a slightly different approach: tell it, share it ? and build on it. We’ll show you exactly what we mean.


Start with some research on Pinterest using the keywords on anything you are interested in, in this example we’ll use Gender Neutral Nurseries“.?I’m drawn to the one I circled in red.


Gender Neutral Nurseries on Pinterest


A Closer Look with Eye Candy

This search Gender Neutral Nurseriesbrings us to a detail page with descriptive copy explaining the project. The pin was created by East Coast Creative and the description reads…

Lowe’s?saved to?Children’s Rooms & Nurseries?13kA non-traditional color scheme inspired by the Pacific Northwest gives Desiree Hartsock’s nursery a cozy, masculine feeling – perfect for her baby boy. Click to see how Monica of East Coast Creative strikes the balance between cute and sophisticated!?Clicking the link takes you to the blog itself. This is the ultimate goal of the image and description, to get a person to click and go to your website blog.?DESIREE HARTSOCK?S NURSERY MAKEOVER REVEAL?


The Power of Before & After

East Coast Creative has a great before and after picture of the room, and a great mock up of the style she went for with the different products she used. Each of these could be affiliate links. The page is big, bold and easy to follow. It’s important to deliver satisfaction, after all a person has clicked three times to get to your page. You’ve enticed them and everyone wants a payoff right??Take a look at the entire page here >>>?


Eye Candy Examples

?Before and After Pictures work.?


Breakdown the Process

Make it easy for someone to follow you steps. Offer a quick breakdown, make a list and add your affiliate links to each. Here’s the list so you can easily see how?East Coast Creative did it.

Here?s a quick breakdown of what we did in the space and then I?ll give you some more eye candy. ?We?ve got tutorials coming for all these projects over the next few days- so make sure you check back!


1-?New Chandelier

2- Hand Painted Accent Wall

3- Sliding Door Style Shutters

4- Floating Shelf with Copper Clothing Rack

5- Live Succulent Wall Art

6- Growth Chart


DIY projects are my jam, but the space wouldn?t be complete without the right furniture and accessories and I?m sharing all the sources with you. Just use the arrows to move the slider and get all the details.

Notice the important disclaimer at the bottom:?This post is in collaboration with Lowe?s Home Improvement & ATG Stores. I am a paid partner with these awesome companies, but all opinions and designs are my own. Thanks for supporting the brands that make EC2 possible!*

The only thing missing on this example is a strong call to action like offering a free consultation or signing up for more nursery makeover tips or…

Looking for help on your project, reach out…

Three clicks from Pinterest  board to your blog page.

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