Launch a Business in Day!

Do you have an idea for a product or service? Are you a therapist, life coach, trainer or herbalist? Then this $12 course is for you.

Learn how you don’t need a website or domain to build a business in a day for $12 a month.

Here’s what you get for $12 a month a…

  1. Landing page builder,
  2. an email marketing automation system,
  3. the ability to grow your email list,
  4. take appointments online
  5. and have people pay for them as they make them.

Amazing right? Do you want this? Then this course is for you. What you’ll learn is what are the best systems, how to sign up for them and integrate them, so they work together. You’ll get all of this for $12 a month WOW! The best news you don’t even need a domain name or WordPress website.

This super simple and easy to follow course is only $12!

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