Mindify?The new 2020 program from Michael Glock Ph.D.

I’ve been workshopping a new system that offers step-by-step coaching and course creation in a social setting even technophobes can master with some existing clients. It?s centered around a process that I call MINDIFY.
Every time I teach this process to Baby Boomers their passion and purpose are reignited and minds opened! Why?
Because they realize I?ve helped them create a valuable course based on their accrued knowledge and wisdom.

But this is dangerous.

I know what you’re thinking. What’s so dangerous about a process? Well, if you knew how simple this process was…
You’d probably stop spending your energy on doing very little, instead of being generative and passing on your knowledge to a new generation and maybe even making tens of thousands of dollars along the way.
I’m definitely all for that! Are you?

The MINDIFY method

I’ve been working with my high-ticket clients through this process but have never taught it publicly. So here?s the deal. I want to talk with 9 Baby Boomers who want to rediscover their authority, get?clear on their knowledge and experience and work through the MINDIFY method I?ve developed. I plan to roll it out publicly in 2020 with your help.
So I?m going to open up my calendar for some free calls. This isn?t a sales call, a pitch, or a ploy. I want to show you the power of this process because I know how to trigger, you, becoming generative agai, the outcome is you thriving instead of stagnating and feeling a sense of hopelessness.

Mindify?The new 2020 program from Michael Glock Ph.D. 1

We?ll spend 30 minutes together online.

It will be a combination of cognitive behavioral visioneering and NLP. It?s my specialty and explained in my latest book on Amazon: ?Way Ahead?. By the end of? our conversation, you will:

  1. Rediscover your power as an authority, and an expert and
  2. You?ll remember the highlight of your life that
  3. Will bring into sharp focus the knowledge and expertise you can pass onto a new generation.

Are you a Baby Boomer?

If so this is for you. Perhaps you are retired and sick of doing nothing, then obviously I?d love to see if I can help reignite your passion, show you who you really are and open your mind to a most extraordinary rest of your life. And we can totally book another conversation to chat specifics. Want one of the sessions?

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