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Michael Glock Ph.D. Consultant, Futurist & Author

Michael Glock Ph.D.


Tomorrow will look very differently than today. Position yourself and your company to harvest the rewards of foresight, strategic planning, and educationally loaded content marketing today!

Michael Glock Ph.D. is an author, futurist, consultant and co-founder of Bloom Factor Inc.

He is a graduate of the Philosophy program at Pacifica Graduate institute and works with individuals and companies to help them find their place within the Digital Economy. He is a “cultural creative” the inventor of several social science methodologies to forecast the future and help companies and individuals make sense of the disruptions and opportunities we are witnessing in the world today.

The World is Transforming:

 The world is changing. We’re now entering a new wave of the digital economy. This wave promises significantly more connections and insight. Automation, blockchain and AI is creating an environment that will disrupt many companies, careers and professions, leaving many people jobless, distressed and demotivated. In such times massive creativity will be required: people who create fine art, products and services for this market, and offer tools, products, programs, coaching, and solace will thrive. 

That’s who we work with, it is to them that we offer a Bloom Factor.

We believe that for society to be able to keep pace with technology changes, a shift is necessary. That is a shift towards, a deeper connection to self and society, more caring, more awareness, more foresight and more accountability for future generations and ecological viability.

One component in this change will be digital learning or eLearning. The is the heart of the future and content marketing. Online education, online coaching, mentoring and connections will rule supreme in the coming decade. eLearning Market size is set to exceed USD 1 trillion by 2027, according to a new research report by Global Market Insights, Inc. (*According to GMI).

Not everyone needs to be a Cultural Creative or ‘entrepreneur’ in the traditional sense of the word. But learning how to transform, create and redistribute your companies products, services and wisdom, believing in fundamental abundance and solving what seem to be intractable problems for the planet and others is what will get YOU “Way Ahead?”.

Way Ahead is Michael Glock’s book on mindset change. It’s about becoming a futurist and redesigning your life going forward. Ideal for leaders, CEO’s and professionals in the c Suite. 

All Bloom Factor Inc projects are creatively led by Michael Glock using a variety of local and global resources, experts, and professionals.