The 6 Master Steps that every Successful Venture Requires

How do you start something new?

If it’s different than what you are doing now, it will probably look complicated. Have you noticed that when you plan to visit a new place, you check the map first. I use Google maps and eyeball the location I’m traveling too so I can visualize it, just like an Olympic athlete visualizes winning a downhill ski race.

Here are the master steps

Think, Grow, Do, Plan, Produce and Promote.

The Way Ahead book and Journal by Michael Glock Ph.D. (Author)Seems simple! Unfortunately most people will fulfill their lives living out someone eles’s dream. What is your dream? Start with this, make a list. This is the thinking part, the what is next for me part. Do it well. ?We’ll say more about this later as it is a cornerstone to our coaching and mentoring practice. If you want to get started, read the book Way Ahead?Medicine Stories by Michael Glock. It comes with a journal, that is more than a journal it’s also a ?workbook, if you work the workbook you will discover an easy way to think and invent your future. But, it’s not just thinking, you will be inspired to dream big and small, you will take an inventory of all you have available and you will experience and practice being a futurist, because the book will invite you to write alternative visions of your own future.

You’ll become a futurist! That’s the promise of the book.

Dear Michael,Just to say thank you again for your book and everything. I spent time filling out the two future scenario plans (preferable, probable) which I found most helpful and got me going – it helped me rework my next book proposal, which I’ve now sent off to a couple of publishers, in hopes!

Matthew Mather ? Limerick School of Art & Design

Practically, where do you start?

We specialize in building money making projects for Authors, Coaches, Therapists and the creative class. Here are the three basic tools in the thinking stage for you to start with:

  1. Everything starts with a domain name, use Google!? get G suite, a customer email like, [email protected], shared calendars, video meetings and online storage for delivery of your freebies.
  2. In our experience a lot of business comes in via YELP, it?s free, if you do not yet have a YELP account for your business go set it up today. Here as a reference you can see what I set up for Ms. Cook a Clinical Hypnotherapist and Author. ( Sign up here for Yelp:?
  3. If you do not have a Google gmail account I need you to set one up? has made creating and successfully running a small business almost FREE! We?ll use gmail and the Google calendar and free cloud storage to run your coaching, consulting, or hypnotherapy business. Don?t worry about all of this you will see how running this becomes second nature.
  4. You are going to collect money. Set up a Paypal account and a Stripe account. Go set these up if you don?t have them yet.?

That’s it for now!

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