The Future & Cultural Creatives

Bloom Factor’s Vision

Bloom Factor is a laboratory and accelerator for emerging “Cultural Creatives” to engage in the global societal switch from a dominator economy to an open and freer knowledge economy. We promote an abundance mindset and help our clients and members create and launch platforms allowing crucial connections to bloom and thrive in a rapidly changing world.

The World is Transforming:

The world is changing. We’re now entering the third wave of the digital economy, this wave promises significantly more connections and insight. Automation, blockchain and AI is creating an environment that will disrupt many careers and professions leaving many people jobless, distressed and demotivated. In such times massive creativity will be required: people who create fine art, products and services for this market, and offer tools, programs, coaching, and solace will thrive. 

That’s who we work with, it is to them that we offer the Bloom Factor.

We believe that for society to be able to keep pace with technology changes, a shift is necessary. 

Towrds, a deeper connection to self and society, more caring more awareness. Digital learning or eLearning is at the heart of it all. Online education, online coaching, mentoring and connections will rule supreme in the coming decade. The eLearning industry is set to become a $300B industry by 2025 (*According to GMI).

Bloom Factor will help you become a part of it.

The real solution to navigating the rough seas of disruption will be preparing yourself with new knowledge and offering that knowledge to others. It is a mind-shift towards a creative approach to life and living. Markets and firms supporting entrepreneurs will play the biggest role in developing and implementing next-wave digital technologies and their ensuing organizational transformations.

Bloom Factor is one of those firms.

Not everyone needs to be a Cultural Creative or ‘entrepreneur’ in the traditional sense of the word. But learning how to transform, create and redistribute your wisdom, believing in fundamental abundance and solving what seem to be intractable problems for the planet and others is what will get YOU? Way Ahead? in life.

* Way Ahead is Michael Glock’s book on mindset change. It’s about becoming a futurist and redesigning your life going forward.

Way Ahead? Book and Journal created by Michael Glock Ph.D., and published by Bloom Factor