What is an Opt-in Bribe?

What is an Opt-in Bribe?

It seems so obvious but what is it really?

Despite it?s rather unsavory name an opt-in bribe is an ethical incentive. It?s a clever conversion device or method that offers a gift in exchange for you opting into an email list.

The gift is usually a digital and downloadable asset, although it can be anything you choose (from consultations to T-shirts). In this post, we?ll discuss how to use your old content to create an opt-in bribe. Interestingly we have found that on our “Ministry of Transhumanism” board on Pinterest, an image similar to this is getting over 1350 views per month. so, we’re now going to make some “ethical bribes” using our own made up scenes. This is Lab Sector8 Ex001

Here?s a list of opt-in bribe lead magnet ideas you can make .

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