What we do

Coaching, consulting, strategy & tactics.

We direct, strategically plan and tactically implement solutions to create MVP?s (Minimal Viable Products), help small businesses market products and services and assist entrepreneurs to soar. Bloom Factor designs and delivers experiences and marketing solutions to clients across the world and we do it all with a decidedly human touch.
We combine old tools, pencils and erasers with new ones to build campaigns and systems for established and emerging authors and entrepreneurs.

Michael Glock's Mars Lumograph 5B Pencil
Our toolbox includes author platforms, social media marketing and publishing services as well as end-to-end appointment and payments solutions for therapists and coaches worldwide. Specific services for authors may be found at?AUTHORSWEEK?and?Bloom Factor Press.
We offer project-by-project assistance and online & face-to-face consulting in small master classes. Typically one-to-six month programs deliver a MVP, a new business, a published book, an author platform, a social media marketing plan, or a therapy or a consulting business with online appointment and payment systems.

Grab a one-off coaching session

In what direction are you moving? Do you want to start a florist business? Do it with Shopify, we?ll get you started in a week. Not sure what business, or how to set it up, grab a coaching session. We combine deep industry knowledge with creativity and a mind-set that rapidly produces results.

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