Why have your company on YELP?

Coaching & Mentoring.

As I have said before, coaching clients means actionable strategies, one of them, is that early on in the process of building a profitable online business, is to set up a YELP account. Coaching’s aim is to get you up to speed with knowledge and tools so that you can derive an income from being online and delivering services, products and or knowledge.

How you make money is selling your services or products to buyers.

YELP brings in buyers!

I highly encourage you to set up a YELP page. >>> https://biz.yelp.com/

Why do this? We set up Yelp for Ms. Cook and she gets at least 10 inquiries per week, that?s 40 per month, she responds to them via the YELP dashboard and converts at least 50% at $200. That?s $1000 per month coming in via YELP. Now, do know that this is three years later after it was initially set up. ?It will take time to build, this is why I encourage you, to do it now. Additionally, you are building a small business and it comprises of many parts, learning and doing things in small bite sized three foot tosses will make it easier.

Here is an example of a request that recently came.

Typical YELP Inquiry

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