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Why Is An Email Verification Service Critical?

Email Verification and List health is an always on job for Digital Marketing Agencies.

An email verification service can assist in removing old or toxic addresses that can affect email deliverability.

While we don’t have any partnerships with list cleaning services, we have had positive feedback about:

Services like these will typically return email addresses by category (‘risky’, ‘accept-all’, ‘unknown’) – we recommend only emailing contacts returned as ‘valid’/’deliverable’ and unsubscribing any other categories. 

Email deliverability is a critical issue that can not be ignored. At Bloom Factor we take the issue seriously in our managed accounts, always using email verification before the importing of any lists into the Sharpspring CRM, and managing any issues that arise while maintaining best practices.

Best practice: Use an email verification service when importing new lists and prior to sending a campaign.

Michael Glock Ph.D.

Michael Glock Ph.D.

Consultant, Futurist, Author, Creative Director.

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