Why MailerLite is better than Mailchimp

How to create landing pages in Mailchimp. MailerLite is better than Mailchimp, here’s the full story.

The importance of an email list for your blog, business, online shop or pretty much anything else can not be overstated! In fact, you can read my entire post about why bloggers need an email list here.

When I first started I used Mailchimp and so have many of my clients, now we recommend MailerLite for our MVP clients! It’s super easy to use and you can quickly create drip campaigns and run fairly sophisticated branching type email automation sequences.

In the spirit of full disclosure, please be aware that this blog post features affiliate links. More about that on the Disclaimer page. The beauty of these email providers is that they both offer free services until you reach a certain number of subscribers anyways. 2000 for Mailchimp and 1000 for MailerLite.

Why we Choose MailerLite Instead of Mailchimp

Why we Chose MailerLite Instead of Mailchimp

We switched to MailerLite not because we were unhappy. Mailchimp has its pros and for a first time user. It has a chunky interface and designing email newsletters is a bit complicated.

Ultimately it comes down to features such as automation and landing pages which were not included or at least not unless you upgrade your account.

Other email providers have these features a small business or blogger needs, such as GetResponse and AWeber or DRIP) these have free trials and are expensive and complex when you are starting out. Importantly Mailchimp has strict policies about the content you send out. For example talking about affiliate marketing or making money at home will raise red flags with them and cause you to lose your account and the list you worked so hard on building. But, be careful so does MailerLite! Like Bloom Factor, Mailchimp and MailerLite have a zero tolerance for people abusing the system.

The Problem

Our coaching clients need an email marketing interface that will allows creation of opt-ins that are GDPR compliant and to be able to offer things such as white papers, access to free digital downloads, ebooks and printables in exchange for my people’s email addresses. We also need a simple to set up and manage automation tool that sends out emails immediately after joining and delivers the promised freebie? the promised ebook or offer. We also need to have a simple and clean ability to create landing pages and segment lists according to their people’s interests, not to mention the ability to approach topics that Mailchimp frowns on.

And I wanted all this for free? At least up to a 1000 subscribers.

A few months into using Mailchimp, after I reached a certain number of subscribers, I gave up on searching for another email provider. Until Mailerlite started being recommended again and again in the Facebook blogging groups I am in. And I decided to check it out.

It didn?t take long for me to make the switch from Mailchimp to Mailerlite (it took under three minutes to import my previous email subscribers) and I?ve been loving every moment since. Here are some features I think you would love as well:


  • Customize everything, even the unsubscribe page
  • It?s completely free until you reach 1000 subscribers
  • It?s only $10 after that until you reach 2500 subscribers and $20 monthly until you reach 5000 (unlike Mailchimp where you start paying $30 after you reach 2000 subscribers and you can end up paying $50 while still in the 4000 subscribers mark)
  • You can send unlimited email campaigns (Mailchimp will only allow you a certain number for the free version)
  • You can create integrated forms (like the ones I have on the top bar area or in blog posts), pop-ups or even create landing pages and a clean minimal easy to use interface. Most of our clients are up to speed in an hour or two.
  • Easy segmentation tools (other systems call these tags), (you can divide your subscribers into segments and groups and then only send them emails based on their interests)
  • They have A/B split campaigns testing, custom workflows and more easy to use features that allow you to send the same email with two different subject lines to figure out which one has a higher open rate, or send emails twice if they weren?t opened or even send different sequences of emails based on if someone clicks on a specific list or not.
  • Excellent customer service! They replied in 5 minutes and walked me through any issues. This is key because we empower our clients to manage their own growth.


  • Some people have reported a slow customer service response
  • Some people have reported that their accounts have been closed without notification. The moral here is to operate in accordance with all rules and regulations and if you are in the European Economic Community to adhere rigorously to the new GDPR rules that came into effect May 2018.

Does it make a Difference?

We use Mailerlite on a number of our projects and on Bloom Factor Inc. We also use AgileCRM, but we have to admit the email design and building is much easier to use in MailerLite. MailerLite has a nifty WordPress plugin that automatically adds the tracking code and they have a WooCommerce plugin as well. This will make sure all your commerce sales will be captured into your mailing list.

A MailerLite feature is the ability to easily create an opt-in banner. This on Bloom Factor gets a couple of signups a day, that means 40 to 100 people a month added to your list. All we are doing is sending them to a blog post, obviously it’s free, but, importantly they may not get to this particular post on their own, so you guide them to where you want your potential clients and customers to go.

Another clever  MailerLite feature is the ability to create eye catching landing pages. Here is one promoting our Pinterest Checklist For Using Affiliate Links. For that I used an image connected the  MailerLite landing page. (see an example below).Bottom line, Mailerlite makes a huge difference and I honestly recommend it!

The best thing about it is that you can test the interface until you reach 1000 subscribers and see if it suits your needs for free! What email marketing provider do you use? Have you ever heard or considered Mailerlite? Check it out! Let me know your thoughts directly, email me I respond to every email. Why, like you I am in the people business, sharing the knowledge and skills I’ve learned in order to help you. Reach out to me, ask a question, make a recommendation Michael Glock Ph.D. 

An Alternative to MailerLite and/or MailChimp is MailMunch

Recently we came across MailMuch. MailMunch is a lead capture platform that helps you convert visitors into life-long readers, email subscribers, and customers. If you would like to learn more, please visit their article on how to create landing pages in Mailchimp. 

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