Why You Should Add Facebook Messenger to WordPress (And How to Do It)

Facebook is everywhere. You can?t escape it. Open pretty much any website, and you?re bombarded by?#3B5998?(that?s the hex code for Facebook?s very specific blue, by the way). Heck, it?s over to the side of this page thanks to?Monarch. See? Everywhere.

It?s probably on your website, too, somehow (and on your phone and bookmarks bar and so on), so it?s pretty safe to say that Facebook isn?t going anywhere in the near future. We all use it somehow. And a lot of people communicate?a lot?via Facebook Messenger. While it started out as a completely integrated feature that tied to your inbox of private messages, eventually Facebook Messenger has become a product all on its own.

And you need to add Facebook Messenger to WordPress so you can talk?with?your visitors, not?at?them. But why use Messenger when you have a contact form already?

A Part of Your World

Like Ariel in?The Little Mermaid, you should be thinking to yourself, ?I want to be where the people are.? You see, when you have a contact form on your page, they?re reaching out to you asynchronously. You answer, and you can?t be sure when (or if), they get your response.

With Facebook Messenger, you?re one step closer to sealing the deal. Even more than that, it?s easier for you to make a personal connection because they will see you as a real person responding to them instead of just a wall of text in their Gmail account.

Which is the whole goal here?a relationship with your audience, not just a single sale or visit to your site. When you?re using Facebook Messenger to communicate with them, you become one of their friends because that?s how many people primarily communicate with their friends.

Messenger vs Live-Chat Plugins

Now, part of the appeal of FB Messenger is that it?s synchronous. But you can get that same functionality by installing a live-chat plugin that connects you to your site visitors. The main reason I would recommend installing Messenger over one of those is simple: those plugins don?t connect you to them?only them to you.

They?re coming to your turf to connect (which is still great), but when you have a Messenger window on your site, you?re on their phone, in their contacts, being a natural part of their lives.

That doesn?t happen with other plugins.

So Let?s Add Facebook Messenger to WordPress!

Unfortunately, there?s not a native way to add Facebook Messenger to WordPress, but that?s okay. There are a ton of plugins out there you can use, but one of the most popular is?Zotabox?s Facebook Messenger Live Chat. It works well, and for most people?s needs, you can get by?perfectly well on their free plan.

First off, go to the plugin repository and install/activate it.

Why You Should Add Facebook Messenger to WordPress (And How to Do It) 1

When you get it installed, you will see a new addition to your WordPress dashboard called?FB Live Chat, which brings up a new splash page for you to register your site with the plugin.

View the rest of the instructions in a great article written by

By B.J. Keeton from Elegant Themes

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